Production capacity

MESKO-ROL Sp. z o.o. offers a broad range of services in the scope of its production capacity. We employ the following technologies:

Laser cutting

We offer details production with the use of MAZAK SPACE GEAR 510 3D laser cutter, as well as MAZAK STX 510 classic laser cutter. Laser beam allows for contact-free cutting of elements with precise dimensions, corners and in any shapes, allowing to obtain ready details in a short time. Maximum width of cut sheets is 1500 x 3000 mm, with thickness up to 22 mm for constructional steel. Supported format: DXF


We operate a YAWEI PBH 110-3100 bending brake with pressure up to 110 T and bending length up to 3100 mm.


In terms of machining, our company offers services ranging from cutting material on band-saw, to grinding. Turning operations are performed on TUR50SN, TZC32SN, ATF-45CNC, Takisawa TC-3 lathes, as well as universal lathes. Milling operations are performed on FYN 50 NC mills. Our equipment stock allows to produce various types of details in accordance with designs delivered by our clients; our professional personnel guarantees the high quality of completing assignments.


The company welding shop has ten-odd stands on which we perform gas-shielded welding of details from constructional steel. We are prepared for welding small, as well as larger elements.

Powder painting

We operate a modern line for powder painting in multiple colours. The painted elements are pre-treated by shot blasting and phosphating, which significantly increases adhesion of paint to surface and results in excellent anti-corrosion protection. The surface thus obtained features aesthetic appearance and durability.