Rotary mower Z 175-1

Design purpose

Rotary mower Z 175-1, with its 1,65 m standard working width, is designed mainly for small and medium size farms.
It can work with tractors of power over 30 HP. The equipping of each drum with three cutting knives guarantees very precise and even mowing. The mower is equipped with very durable vertical shafts, ensuring long service of the machine. Three-screw slide plates attachment was applied, allowing for quick and easy dismounting.

Due to its special lock mechanism, replacement of the cutting knife is quick and trouble-free.

The machine has metallic guards and a protective apron made of special, impact and weather-resistant material; moreover, it is coated with high-quality powder paints ensuring safety and durability.

All MESKO-ROL machines are sold with PTO shafts.

Technical parameters

Working width:

1,65 m

Mowing height:

4 cm

Number of drums:


Number of knives:


PTO revolutions



380 kg

Power requirement


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Rotary mower Z 175-1